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J. Sean is a director, actor, singer, writer, coach, and almost-celebrated bon-vivant. 

Originally hatched in Niagara, J. Sean has been working professionally for 25 years; and has had the absolute delight of traveling across much of Canada (and beyond) in doing it.  From Charlottetown to Calgary, Edinburgh to Sudbury, he's definitely been around.  Or, at least, near by.  In recent years, he has become a well-regarded director as well, helming many successful comedies and musicals. 

For all the sordid details of J. Sean's performance resume, please click here.

And if you're curious about J. Sean's directing resume, please click here.

J. Sean has also released two albums of original songs, No Name Canadian Stars (with music supplied by David Warrack) and At Least I've Got My Looks (music and lyrics lovingly crafted by J. Sean), both ready to be enjoyed in the most lush compact disc format available. Or, if you're addicted to 21st Century livin', on iTunes. What a wonderful new millennium!  I mean, have you seen it?!


Don't quote me on that.

- j. sean elliott


TRIVIA ALERT - J. Sean is the original script writer, director and choreographer for the long-running Niagara attraction, Oh Canada, eh?! (operating for over 20 years and still going!).


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